Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Shanghai, Chiway Group has developed into a diversified, privately-owned corporation. Main businesses of the group include real estate investment and development, education investment, and cultural industries investment.

As a subsidiary of Chiwayland Group, Chiwayland International Limited is listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Securities Exchange. Consisting of over ten companies, it is a professional real estate development company with First Grade Qualification. It is one of the Top 100 Real Estate Development Enterprises in the PRC.

Property developments of Chiwayland are located in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Xuzhou, Xuancheng and Zhangjiagang. There are also branches and projects in Sydney and Brisbane, which include residential and commercial properties, office buildings, fixed price housing, education hubs and supporting infrastructure.Chiwayland has developed many education complexes, such as the Suzhou International Education Park (North). Chiwayland has an abundance of investment management experience in basic education, international education, higher education and education hubs areas. Chiwayland has also obtained the award of “Outstanding National Fixed Price Housing Construction Enterprise”.

Chiway has always focused on providing education service solutions to meet the demands of the market. Since 1996, Chiway Education has been improving vocational education and business-related training. It won the “The National Demonstration Vocational Education Group” Award, along with the “The Outstanding National University Cooperation Business Service Enterprise” and “The National Demonstration Education Service Outsourcing Enterprise” awards. In its Mainland business, Chiway Education brings in high quality education resources from abroad, and cooperates with colleges in Australia, the United Kingdom and America to develop international education projects in China. Chiway Education has a vocational and technical college and two international schools, and has merged with a college in Singapore. At the same time, Chiway pays great attention on basic education, and has established  three 15-year foreign language programs in Suzhou, Xuzhou and Hefei. In addition, Chiway also offers outstanding consulting service for overseas study.

From residential to educational, and from talent cultivation to city development, Chiway adheres to the corporate spirit of “Forge Ahead, In Pursuit of Excellence” and is continually improving and innovating. Chiway provides outstanding products and services and long-lasting value. It also takes its social responsibilities seriously, by participating in the Guangcai Program, Project Hope, and disaster relief.

追求卓越 锐意进取
Forge Ahead, In Pursuit of Excellence
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